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Teeth Whitening

in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Modern tooth whitening is now a well established, safe method used by many of our patients to lighten the colour of their natural teeth.

At Loughborough Road we use a combination of in the surgery and home whitening techniques to achieve long lasting results usually within three weeks of daily use.


How does it work?

Whitening is achieved by exposure of the teeth to whitening gel held in specially constructed close fitting trays. The gel contains a low concentration (6%) of Hydrogen Peroxide which releases oxygen to lighten the colour of the inner dentine structure of teeth.

Your teeth will visibly lighten quickly but will require about 20 teeth whitening sessions to achieve best results .It possible to extend this period to make teeth even lighter in colour without any harm.

Some patients do experience a period of tooth sensitivity during the process which passes quickly.

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    How quickly will my teeth get whitened?
    This varies between individuals but you will start to notice a change after only a few sessions

    Which system is better day or night white?
    Both can achieve equally good results and is often down to individual preference

    Can all my teeth be whitened using these techniques?
    Only natural tooth material is lightened.
    Whitening products will have no effect on crowns, veneers or fillings but these can be replaced with a lighter shade at a later date

    How can I top up my whitening in the future?
    Your whitening trays are precision made to fit your mouth only and can be used many times. The tooth whitening gel is a prescription-only product available from our dental practice in West Bridgford

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    Tooth whitening is a safe and predictable way to greatly improve the appearance of your smile without any damage to tooth structure.
    Using whitening trays your teeth are exposed to oxygen from the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide gel.
    At Loughborough Road we regularly use two alternative systems.

    Carbamine peroxide slowly releases oxygen over 6-8 hours and is used for overnight whitening.
    Hydrogen peroxide gel products release their oxygen over a much shorter time and are suitable for wear during the day.

    Your whitening trays can be kept and reused for many years as long as you’re mouth or teeth do not change
    Gentle tooth whitening can be a safe and effective procedure only when supervised by a suitably qualified dental professional.
    Never be tempted to use whitening products other than those supplied to you by your dentist, who will ensure you are using the most suitable system.
    Your first whitening session will be at the practice to demonstrate the technique and for observation of any adverse reaction or sensitivity.

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