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Cosmetic Dentistry

in West Bridgford, Nottingham

At Loughborough Road Dental Practice we have long-standing expertise in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry.

Whether using orthodontic braces to realign teeth, whitening techniques or crowns and veneers to restore severely broken or misplaced teeth we will always put the health of your mouth first.

At Loughborough Road we always advise our patients to adopt minimally invasive techniques wherever possible.
We call this Caring Cosmetics.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment at Loughborough Road:

Cosmetic Crowns and Onlays

Crowns and onlays are used to restore badly broken or damaged teeth. Historically they are constructed from metal or porcelain but modern techniques and materials have improved both appearance and longevity. Modern digital scanning techniques result in both highly cosmetic and strong restorations which can be quickly manufactured to great accuracy. The use of Intraoral Scanning and CAD (computer aided design) at Loughborough Road means no more of the dreaded dental impressions.


Veneers are thin ceramic facings bonded to the front of natural teeth designed to alter shape, position or colour. These can be used when orthodontic and tooth whitening techniques alone cannot achieve the perfect smile or when rapid results are required. Veneers can be used on a single discoloured tooth to match appearance of neighbouring teeth or on multiple front teeth to achieve the ultimate Hollywood smile.

Advantages of digital crowns and veneers:

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    Are there any risks in having old metal crowns replaced?
    No, gold or porcelain crowns can be safely removed and replaced with highly cosmetic alternatives

    How long should I expect veneers to last for?
    Properly fitted ceramic restorations can last for many years however it is a simple procedure to have single units repaired or replaced in the case of accidental damage

    How long will the whole process take?
    Most crown and veneer cases have a one week turnaround although are laboratory offers a premium 24-hour service when required. You will be fitted with temporary crowns or veneers until final restorations are ready.

    How does Digital Smile Simulation work?
    When constructing multiple front teeth our technicians will print a 3D diagnostic model from which we construct temporary restorations.
    All aspects of appearance and function are assessed in your mouth before final veneers are constructed.

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    Preparation work of your teeth for crowns or veneers is irreversible and should only be undertaken where there is overriding benefit to both teeth and patient.

    Modern adhesive techniques ensure damage to tooth material and its supporting structures is minimal resulting in restorations which extend the lifespan of your teeth.

    All treatment at Loughborough Road carries a full five year replacement or refund guarantee however we expect these restorations to last for many further years of service beyond this.

    Regular dental checks and meticulous oral hygiene is key for long-term survival of any dental restorations

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