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Complete Smile Implants

Full Mouth Implants

Dental implants can be used to replace partial or full arch of teeth with fixed bridges. Depending on the number of teeth missing, usually between two and eight implants are placed to permit the anchorage of a fixed bridge replacing all lost natural teeth. The resulting restorations can look, feel and function exactly like natural teeth.


Meet Dr Aziz

Since graduating from Guys and St Thomas’s Dental hospital Saquib has been developing his specialist interest in implantology. He attained a postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Dentistry at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute in 2009 before further developing his surgical skills as an oral surgery clinical assistant in the Maxillofacial department at Grantham Hospital.

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    Will Complete Smile Implant treatment be painful?
    No, the implants will be placed painlessly under local anaesthetic with only mild post operative discomfort.

    How long do I have to wait after the implants are placed to have teeth attached?
    Depending on the complexity of individual cases it is usually between two and four months of healing and integration of the implants before the new teeth are attached

    Will I be able to eat and wear my dentures after surgery?
    We will advise soft diet for a short time after surgery and will fit a soft cushion liner under your dentures so they can be worn normally.

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    A dental implant is a small but strong post made from biocompatible. Under local aesthetic, it is inserted into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth root and acts as a support for the tooth.

    The healing phase is between 6 and 12 weeks depending on the individual medical situation. During this period the implant becomes securely attached to the jaw bone – a process called osseointegration. Once healed, this artificial root acts as a base for fixing individual crowns, multi-tooth bridges, or an entire denture.

    Titanium is a biocompatible metal, non-toxic and well-tolerated by the body. Its many medical uses include surgical implements and implants, where high strength and low weight are preferred. One of its most important medical applications is in implants. Those made from titanium have been shown to bond very well to living bone and can last for decades.

    At Loughborough Rd we only use Straumann Implants, instrumentation and components.

    Roxolid® is a groundbreaking material from Straumann specifically designed for use in dental implantology. It is a titanium-zirconium alloy, stronger than pure titanium with excellent osseointegration properties – a combination which is unique in the market of dental implants.

    Straumann is a leading dental implant company that has earned worldwide trust for over 60 years by remaining true to itself. We are convinced that few companies have as much to offer, so there are many reasons why opting for a Straumann implant is an excellent choice for your oral health.

    With the increasing popularity of dental implants, many low-cost/non-researched implant systems are now available. However, most patients are not aware that there can be important differences in dental implant systems, including variations in quality, technology and research.

    The Straumann® Dental Implant System is one of the best documented, with more than 35 years of extensive scientific, clinical evidence and support by more than 700 scientific publications.

    Straumann have been researching, developing and manufacturing implants since 1974. In collaboration with renowned international clinics, research institutes and universities, we have pioneered many ground-breaking technologies in implant dentistry.

    Through Swiss precision engineering and clinical excellence, the Straumann® Dental Implant System has earned worldwide trust. Clinicians in over 70 countries have placed more than 14 million Straumann implants. So wherever life takes you, care is nearby for your Straumann dental implants.

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