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Childrens Orthodontics

in West Bridgford, Nottingham

At Loughborough Road we consider it vital that children under our care are continually monitored to assess the approprtiate time to commence orthodontic treatment, if required.

Our practice holds a contract with the NHS for a fixed number of orthodontic cases patients under 18yrs each year. Each child is individually assessed against the criteria for NHS treatment using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).
Any child not qualifying can still have orthodontic treatment on a private basis.


Meet the orthodontist

Matthew Burton developed his interest in children’s orthodontics over 20 years ago under the guidance of the Dept of Orthodontics QMC and his mentor at Loughborough Rd , Brian Marston.

Matthew treats 70% of our own patients’ orthodontic needs in-house with only the most complicated cases being referred for specialist treatment.

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    Will there be any charge for children’s orthodontic treatment?
    No, as long as the individual cases qualify for NHS treatment there will be no charge directly payable

    What do braces look like?
    At Loughborough Road we use both removable and fixed braces on children and we can show you a short video presentation to demonstrate before you agree to any treatment

    Can children have invisible or clear braces?
    Yes anyone can choose the more “cosmetic” appliance treatments however treatment within the NHS will be limited to traditional metal braces

    How long will treatment take and will teeth need to be removed?
    Most orthodontic treatment cases are completed within 18 months.
    Some children, with overcrowding may require the extraction of some permanent teeth to allow alignment

    NHS orthodontic treatment under 18( IOTN>3.8): No patient charge
    Adult orthodontic treatment: From £600/ arch
    Smile Tru Aligners: From £800/ arch

    Orthodontic treatment involves the slow movement or tipping of teeth within the jaw bones. This movement has to happen slowly to ensure no permanent damage to the teeth involved. Individual teeth are attached to the appliances usually by brackets or bands which are bonded in place.

    When orthodontic treatment is completed it is essential that retainers are worn to prevent the tooth position from relapsing. These can be removable, fixed or a combination of the two.

    At Loughborough Road we believe strongly that orthodontic treatment should only happen when there is a significant benefit for patients’ as orthodontic treatment can be both time consuming and expensive .

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