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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Conditions of treatment

You have an appointment for dental treatment at Loughborough Rd. Dental Practice

Due to the Covid19 outbreak there are certain conditions required to help ensure the safety of patients and surgery staff.

Before you attend for your appointment we need to ensure:

  • You have no symptoms of Covid19
  • No one in your household is currently Covid19 positive

If in doubt contact the practice by phone or email.

You will also receive a medical history and Covid19 triage form to complete online

To ensure the safety of both staff and patients:

  • Patients are requested to wash and wear freshly laundered clothes to their appointment
  • Please wear a facemask while moving around the practice
  • Use toilet facilities at home
  • On arrival you will be asked to sanitize your hands
  • Payment by card preferred
  • We are currently unable to process contactless payments

LRDP Team July2022

Book your appointment: Call 0115 981 9396, Email reception@lrdp.org or Request Online