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Why we’re your best choice of West Bridgford dental practice

According to a National Smile Month Survey, a large percentage of adults in the UK are not currently registered with a dental practice and, not only that, a lot of people confess that they’re not brushing their teeth twice daily every day. Do you identify with either of these statistics? If so, do you realise the damage that could be occurring to your teeth while you go about your day to day business?

Here at our dental practice in West Bridgford, we make the teeth health of our patients our priority. Through regular examinations we ensure that there’s no need for our patients to worry about their teeth. We take on that worry for them.

Our main weapons against tooth decay and gum disease; two conditions that can very quickly have a huge negative impact on your life, are our dental hygienist and the dental preventatives we provide.

Have you been suffering from toothache recently? Perhaps you’ve noticed a tiny spot of blood in the sink when you brush your teeth? These are signs that decay and gum disease may already be present in the mouth. When left untreated, the pain will only get worse and gum disease has even been linked to more serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.

If you’re not experiencing either of these symptoms, how sure are you that you’re removing every single food deposit from the last meal you ate when you brush your teeth? If you’re not sure (and we warn you that unless you visit your dentist at least annually, you’re unlikely to be sure), you could be setting yourself up for fillings, extractions and possibly even worse further down the line.

What happens during a routine appointment at our West Bridgford dental practice?

During your regular appointments with us, our dental hygienist will examine your teeth and professionally clean them to ensure they’re as clean and healthy as they can be. If any warning signs are present in the mouth, including signs of mouth cancer, your dentist will be alerted and a solution achieved, whether that solution is gum therapy, a filling, root canal work, or a referral to have any unusual oral spots or marks checked out by a doctor. Catching serious health conditions in their early stages, can dramatically improve your survival rate.

About nervous patients

Here at the West Bridgford Dental Practice, we recognise that dental fear is very real and this may be a reason why many people are avoiding visiting their dentist, or registering with a dental practice.

Our dentists have been trained to deal sensitively with nervous patients and will ensure that all patients are comfortable during any procedure. We use local anaesthetic, and in some cases, sedation, to ensure you feel no pain. We are champions of pain-free dentistry and work hard to create a calming environment.

Join the West Bridgford Dental Practice and give yourself peace of mind that you’re looking after your teeth and heart health as best you can. Please get in touch to find out how best to register with us.

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